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Ref: KE0310

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SpeckGRABBER is a unique tool designed to remove individual contaminant particles from delicate and sensitive surfaces without danger of damaging or causing additional contamination. A small soft washable pad on the end of the SpeckGRABBER provides a high adhesion surface that sticks to contaminant particles with considerably more cohesive force than the contaminated surface. When the SpeckGRABBER is put in contact with the particle, it adheres to the particle, while leaving no residue on the contacted surface. The SpeckGRABBER is non-conductive, and can be used on active CCDs allowing the technician to monitor the decontamination process. The SpeckGRABBER can be used on disk drive heads, optical sensors such a CCD arrays, mirrors and lenses, UV windows, films and silicon wafers among other hard to clean surfaces. SpeckGRABBER is available in three styles (See Part Number KE0320 and KE0330). All styles can be repeatedly cleaned in water, or soap solution without diminishing its adhesive qualities.